Vice President

Mr. Timothy P. Anderson is a Senior Project Leader with The Aerospace Corporation, and a professional cost analyst and operations research analyst with over 20 years’ experience, primarily in Department of Defense (DoD) weapon systems and national security space and NASA acquisition cost estimating. After serving in various roles in Aerospace from 2001 to 2008, he embarked on a two-year tour in the Corporate Technical Directorate of MCR, LLC. While at MCR he was responsible for customer support as well as in-house consulting on cost estimating and cost risk analysis issues. Tim returned to Aerospace in 2010, and served as the Director of NASA Program Assessments, managing programmatic assessments for NASA Science Mission Directorate projects. Then, in 2012, he was appointed Vice President, Technical Services, at iParametrics, LLC, and was responsible for business development in the Washington Capital area. Tim again returned to Aerospace in 2014, where he is now responsible for delivering cost estimating support and overall technical leadership to a wide variety of Aerospace customers. His areas of interest are cost analysis, cost uncertainty analysis, operations research, and decision analysis. Mr. Anderson served for 20 years in the U.S. Navy and began working in the cost estimating field in 1994 while assigned to the Naval Center for Cost Analysis. Following that he served as a military professor at the Naval Postgraduate School, teaching cost estimation, operations research, and other technical courses. He retired from the Navy in June 2001. Mr. Anderson has a B.S. in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan, and an M.S. in Operations Research from the Naval Postgraduate School. He is an ICEAA certified cost estimator/analyst; Program Chair for the Washington Capital Area chapter of ICEAA; a lecturer in the Systems Engineering and Operations Research departments of the Naval Postgraduate School; was recognized as the “2010 SCEA National Estimator/Analyst of the Year for Technical Achievement;” was awarded the “2010 Wayne E. Meyer Award for Teaching Excellence” from the Naval Postgraduate School; and he is a frequent presenter of topics related to cost estimating and cost uncertainty analysis at forums including ICEAA, the Military Operations Research Society (MORS), the DoD Cost Analysis Symposium (DoDCAS), and the Integrated Program Management (IPM) Conference.