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TOPIC:  Lesson 7: Economic Analysis
 Tuesday, December 18th, 2018
TIME: 4-6 PM
LOCATION: Technomics, Inc.
1225 S. Clark St., Suite 1500
Arlington, VA 22202
Vincent Conference Room


Foundations of Cost Analysis (FCA), formerly known As TTI (Technomics Training Institute), is our curriculum based (in part) on the Cost Estimating Body of Knowledge (CEBoK) and designed (in part) to prepare you for the Certified Cost Estimator/Analyst (CCEA) exam.  It is divided into 24 lessons, which will run roughly every other week through August 2019.  This is your formal invitation to this session! If you plan on attending, please RSVP by emailing Sara Shaw ( or Maggie Dozier (

SPEAKERS: Ramzi Shuhaibar and Rebecca Zeiger (Technomics)

RSVP to Sara Shaw ( or Maggie Dozier ( NLT Noon on Friday, December 14th, 2018

We look forward to seeing you there!

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