Austin MacDougall has been a member of ICEAA and a holder of the PECA/CCEA certification for four years. Since 2017, Austin has worked at Technomics, where he is currently a Senior Analyst in the Cost Analysis and Acquisition Support (CAAS) service area. Prior to working at Technomics, Austin worked in the investment consulting industry for two years after graduating from Dickinson College with a B.A. in 2015.

In addition to professional experience, Austin possesses several years of experience in treasury roles for other organizations. Since 2020, Austin has served as Treasurer and member of the Board of Directors at the Conrail Historical Society (CRHS). The CRHS is a Pennsylvania-based 501(c)(3) showcasing the Consolidated Rail Corporation, a successful 1970s federal bailout of the railroad industry that became in integral part of the economy of the northeast United States until its takover in 1999. In his time as CRHS treasurer, Austin has streamlined the organization’s finances, migrating assets from a local bank with no online account management capabilities to a regional chain that allowed improved mobile banking capabilities. This led to improved financial transparency and reduced turnaround time for processing membership dues and other cash and check-based transactions. In addition to routine operations such as state and federal tax forms, Austin has improved financial reporting capabilities for the board by producing quarterly financial statements to the board of directors using the Intuit Quickbooks application.

Austin looks forward to serving on the WCAC board as a Treasurer in order to develop strong relationships with other cost estimating professionals and to help further ICEAA’s mission locally. As a Treasurer, he reviews the current financial procedures for the chapter to ensure that they are transparent and fiscally sustainable. Austin places a high value on attention to detail and proactive communication, and he expects that these attributes will come in handy to serving on the board. He also plans to use his platform within Technomics to advocate for peer-to-peer training and obtaining certifications, including the new SCEC certification.