Fall 2015 Newsletter

Annual Meeting

The Washington Capital Area chapter held its annual meeting on March 4, 2015. Special thanks go to the sponsors of the event: Tecolote Research, Herren, Aerospace, and Technomics. After some socializing and networking time, the chapter board provided an update of the chapter’s activities over the past year. Ms. Megan Jones, ICEAA Executive Director, was gracious enough to take on the keynote speaker role after a last minute cancellation. She spoke about some of the Association’s planned initiatives in the coming year and where she sees in store for the future. Thanks Megan! To round out the evening, the chapter recognized a few of our outstanding members for their good work during 2014 through our awards program. The award winners were as follows:

Leadership & Management: Donald K. (Keith) Bowman – Tecolote

Team Achievement: Joint Agency Contracts Database Team – Technomics, Inc.

Team members: Peter Braxton, John Claude Kassab, Thomas Harless, Vanessa Welker, Michael Horak, Derreck Ross, Jeffery Brown, Remmie Arnold, James Parnham, Harold Solis, Diana Kerr, and Caroline Rowley

Technical Achievement: Jim Gates – Tecolote

Junior Analyst: Ben Schmidt – Air Force Cost Analysis Agency

Best Luncheon Presentation: Alf Smith – Tecolote – “Joint Agency Cost Schedule Risk and Uncertainty Handbook”