2022 August Luncheon

Understanding factors, process methodologies, and sustainment analyses drivers can help cost estimators make data-driven decisions and demonstrate the criticality of infrastructure replacement projects. Using a proven approach of research, parametrics, and software algorithms, the team demonstrates an optimum process and approach for sustainment analysis.

George Bayer and Austin Lutterbach will review the models and methodology they have developed to support the FAA’s decision making and infrastructure sustainment that help keep US airports and flights running smoothly.

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Cerberus Training Dataset

Cost estimating and analysis regularly involves proprietary or sensitive data, which limits analyst’s ability to share their results, techniques, and methods. Daniel Germony (OSD CAPE) and Adam James (Technomics, LLC) will review what sample data is included in the “Cerberus Training Dataset.”

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The Evolving Role of the Software Cost Estimator

This video presentation will touch on what is happening today, what is in store for newer professionals to the field, and what are the skill sets and technical expertise that will be required tomorrow. Interview subjects include Alan Cole, David Underwood, Kammy Mann, Tyrese Johnson, Dan French, David Seaver, Ian Brown, and Katie Geier-Noreiga. These interviews have been edited to present their responses in a mosaic of sound bites. While it is not quite TikTok, it should suit those of us with shrinking attention spans.

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