Cerberus Training Dataset

Cost estimating and analysis regularly involves proprietary or sensitive data, which limits analyst’s ability to share their results, techniques, and methods. Historically, non-proprietary sample datasets have been smaller and less complex than the real world alternative, limiting the sample data’s usefulness for training. The Office of the Secretary of Defense – Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation (OSD CAPE) has, with the assistance of Tecolote Research, LLC and Technomics, Inc., resolved this sample dataset issue by creating and releasing the “Cerberus Training Dataset”. The “Cerberus Training Dataset” includes over a dozen data deliverables, utilizes multiple report formats, and spans a five-year notional Major Weapon System Acquisition program. The data deliverables are primarily based around the “Cost and Software Data Reporting” framework and are the same size and complexity as real world deliverables the CAPE receives and utilizes to prepare its Independent Cost Estimates. In this luncheon, Daniel Germony (OSD CAPE) and Adam James (Technomics, LLC), will review what sample data is included in the “Cerberus Training Dataset”, how the dataset was developed, how ICEAA members can obtain a copy of the data, and a call to action to use this dataset when developing training, tools, or to show off different analytical techniques in the future.


Daniel Germony (OSD CAPE), Adam James (Technomics, LLC)”

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